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COVID-19 Notice

The ripple effect caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic and the impact it has had on us and our way of life is, in a word, unprecedented.  Yet, as we have been for almost 90 years, Hage & Hage LLC (“H&H”) is open and working hard to ensure that you are not blindsided by the constantly-changing […]

Solar in New York, The Legal Landscape of Sustainable Energy Part 2: Solar Developers

Solar developers face some similar legal issues as the property owners discussed in Part 1, but also have some unique legal issues of their own.  A point which is common to solar installation generally, but of particular importance to developers, is the property tax abatement offered by New York state.  Put simply, solar arrays are […]

Solar in New York, The Legal Landscape of Sustainable Energy Part 1: The Property Owner

Are you a homeowner looking to “get off the grid” by installing a solar panel on your roof or property?  Are you a rural landowner who was approached by a solar company looking to lease a portion of your land to install solar panels?  Or are you a solar developer looking to break into the […]

SUNY Poly Holds Ribbon Cutting with Hage Family Members for the New “Hage Family Robotics Lab”

SUNY Poly Holds Ribbon Cutting with Hage Family Members for New ‘Hage Family Robotics Lab’ Lab Supports Hands-on High-Tech Student Learning at the Institution’s New Center for Global Advanced Manufacturing Located at its Utica campus UTICA, NY – In recognition of decades of significant support for SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly), the institution held a […]

An Examination of Cryptocurrency: The 21st Century’s Competitor to the Dollar Economy

You probably have heard about online money, or cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.  You even may have considered investing in one of the many cryptocurrencies now in circulation.  But what are cryptocurrencies? Are they secure? How do cryptocurrencies differ from one another? Can a cryptocurrency replace traditional currency?  Are there legal issues you need to be […]

“Blockchain, A Primer”

You hear the term “blockchain” quite frequently these days, usually in the context of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, but blockchain technology has a wide variety of applications and the potential for even more.  But, as with all things new, use and experimentation will shed light on the ways in which blockchain technology can impact our lives (i.e., internet use, […]

Drone Law Update: Drone Regulation in New York

Prior to 2015, the use of non-commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, was largely unregulated.  Sensing the growing popularity and risk of so many commercially available drones likely to populate the skies, the FAA issued new rules which required, among other things, registration with the FAA of all drones which fit certain criteria.  To date, […]

So, You Started a Business, Now What?

You did it.  You took your hobby, your passion, your part time side job and turned it into a career.  Congratulations!  Along the way, someone probably told you to incorporate or form an LLC to protect you and your family.  You then paid an attorney or, more likely than not these days, a web-based legal […]

Buzzing Around the Mohawk Valley

MVCC is a member of the NUAIR Alliance, which is a New York based Not-For-Profit coalition to more than 100 private and public entities and academic institutions working together to operate and oversee drone test ranges. Advanced technology is becoming a major player in the area. Steven DiMeo, President of Mohawk Valley EDGE, said, “we […]

Small Business Development Center: Sept. 15th Seminar at SUNY PI

The Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center held a “Small Business Basic’s” Seminar event on Thursday, September 15th at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. JK Hage led this seminar with a presentation on the different business type options and the basic laws/regulations that go with starting your own business. We can’t wait to be a part of another […]


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